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Meet the team


Elizabeth Suter

Emmy Nominated Visual Storyteller

The visual impact that a piece of art, a performance or a film offers has always affected me in a major way. Having been classically trained in Vaganova style ballet, I have an extensive background in dance and theater. Growing up in that environment propelled me toward film production.


I’ve always been self-motivated and driven to educate myself. I began my film education as volunteer camera operator and worked my way up through the ranks to the broadcast manager. 


With a passion for travel as well as a chance to expand my skills, I took a position as a remote videographer. This position has afforded me the opportunity to travel to over 40 states and 6 countries all while creating impactful documentary style short stories for an international broadcasting network. 


While most of my 17 years of broadcast experience is as a camera op, I have worked as a producer, director of photography and editor. I love to problem solve and enjoy creating processes that provides efficiency to the production of great film and tv.


Caleb Wood

Writer & Producer

Many of my earliest memories centered on production. My father was always involved in the performing arts, so evenings were spent sitting in the front row of rehearsals and reciting lines or calling out cues. As I got older, I adopted my dad’s love for the arts as I graduated to directing, writing and producing content of my own.


I’ve spent the last 7 years focusing near-exclusively on film and video production. Whether working as writer/director for a narrative or commercial project, as a producer helping to marry the creative to the logistics, or as a production coordinator keeping everything on track (and on budget), I have a passion for getting things done.


Whenever I’m developing a project, I aim to keep a couple core things in mind. First, what is the message of the project or business, and second, what can I do in my role to make that message clear. To me, ‘Story is King’ and with quality collaboration I want to guide your story right to the heart of your clients. I can’t wait to partner with you to see what we will create together.


Josh Curd

Producer & Videographer

I fell in love with filmmaking at just 10 years old when I got my first camera - a VHS camcorder. I loved being behind the camera, creating a story and seeing the world through a new perspective. I began filming everything; family events, nature scenes and even goofy stories my friends and I would put together. As I continued to learn and teach myself new skills, I started pushing my creativity and began making stop-motion animation and short films. 


Experience truly is the best teacher, so as I grew and learned from my mistakes I gained confidence from each new skill I cultivated. All of this solidified my passion for film production and inspired me to turn my passion into my career.


Instead of attending film school, I went to Belmont University for a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship. The skills I learned about business and marketing while attending Belmont, helped me to not only become a better storyteller but to help other businesses tell their story. 


Now after 15 years of producing, filming and editing, I’m still passionate about entrepreneurship and helping others share their story. So much so that in 2013 I took the leap and have focused full-time on video production.

jason headshot january 2022_edited.jpg

Jason Johnston

Producer & Videographer

I am a veteran of the film and television advertising industries, and an award-winning independent content producer with over twenty-four years of experience as a cinematographer, film director, video editor, videographer, independent filmmaker, journalist, blogger, and commercial photographer. As a recent transplant from my native Texas, I have enjoyed discovering (and photographing) the beauty of Tennessee, and meeting all the friendly, wonderful people herein. 

I have been involved professionally in television and cinema production since 1997. I have directed, filmed, edited, and produced many hundreds of television commercials, dozens of short films, several music videos, and many corporate and industrial branding films for web and broadcast. After being under the wing of an Emmy-winning director of photography in 2010, I have since worked on several feature films as a director of photography and lead camera operator. I am excellent at communicating with many different people of various professional backgrounds and skills, to get them all working toward the same goal.

My experience stands out as a result of having served both as a freelance filmmaker and as an employee of several television stations and agencies. I am equally at home working within a team or independently. My personal philosophies of kindness, wisdom, passion, hard work, dedication, creative ingenuity, and a healthy sense of humor, serve me well today as a professional filmmaker. As a leader, I try to always be the most calm and thoughtful person in the room. But, most importantly, I love video production and I am always happiest and at my best with a camera in my hand.

Film Production

We Are


The Process

Each production is unique with it's own needs.

The typical production timeline from shoot date to delivery is 3 weeks.

There may be an increase in price for rush jobs. 


Your brand is not just a symbol or a logo. It's an intangible feeling your customers have when they interact with your company.

It's vital that your ad solidifies that feeling.


Think about your favorite commercial. Usually, it's something funny, thoughtful or it pulls at your heartstrings. 

Let us create an ad that people will talk about!


Great production is designed. We'll listen to your needs and create a few ideas around those needs. As a team we will work together to find strong visuals that will attract customers to your company.


From smaller projects to full-scale productions, we can make your vision come to life. Struggling with the vision? Our team is passionate about discovering it with you. 


Price points do not reflect any additional services.

Additional services are listed in the Prices section.


Great production is an investment. When you invest in great production, it lasts longer and converts better. We like to use the "quality, not quantity" model.


So, how much does it cost? The fact is there are multiple factors that go into video cost. Each has a unique set of needs, so a "one price fits all" package price is rarely the case. To find the best package for you, it's vital that we discuss in great detail your vision for your commercial.

That said, we've come up with a few price points to give you a ballpark figure for your ad. Before we begin production and after you've approved a script, you'll have a more exact number of what you'll be invoiced.

Prices listed are for 30 second ads. For long form projects, please contact us! All prices include filming at one location. Travel fees may apply if greater than a 20mi radius from Nashville city center.

Lastly, great production takes time. There's a saying, "good, fast, cheap. Pick two." Pricing for rush production may vary. 

Price points do not reflect any additional services.

Additional services are listed below.

Basic 30

  • 2 hour on location shoot

  • Edit

  • Basic graphics

  • Music bed

Basic 30+

  • 3 hour on location shoot

  • Edit

  • Graphics with limited animation

  • Music bed

Advanced 30

  • 5 hour on location shoot

  • Edit

  • Graphics with limited animation

  • Music bed

Advanced 30+

  • 5 hour on location shoot

  • Edit

  • Advanced graphics

  • Music bed

Video Editing

Edit only

$200 minimum

You might only require editing. Projects start at $200. We ask that you contact us with more details for an accurate quote.​

Additional Services

  • Professional Talent

  • Additional Shooting Hours

  • Drone Footage

  • Professional Voice Over

  • Specialized Equipment Rentals

  • Specialized Crew

  • Graphic Design

  • Still Photographer

*Prices contingent upon outside vendor pricing.

Film Production
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